unito DIO - Your toolbox for digital audio networking

DELEC created the unito series as a set of tools with an impressive range of converters and functionality. Consider the DIO, for instance.

Short for “DanteTM Input Output”, the DIO provides a host of interfaces and conversion options for installation scenarios. The NIO 0204, for its part, caters to monitoring applications as well as editorial workstations in a DanteTM environment. It features a multitude of conventional audio interfaces equipped with XLR connectors.

All unito products feature two Ethernet ports that can either be used to connect to a redundant network infrastructure or daisy-chain wiring, which further reduces the installation expense.



orange bullet small compact footprint

orange bullet small two 1GB Ethernet ports (1x RJ45 and 1x SFP)

orange bullet small AES/EBU input and output

orange bullet small microphone preamp

orange bullet small DSP- and FIR filter functionaliy

orange bullet small stereo line input and output

orange bullet small stereo headphone amplifier

orange bullet small 2 GPIOs

orange bullet small powered by an external PSU and/or via POE

 AES/EBULine MicHeadphones SpeakerGPIOLAN Ports


2 2 1 1   2 2   1 1

NIO 0204



2 2 2 1       2 1 1

NIO 0800

8 8               3    
NIO 1212



12 12           3    

NIO 1624

16 16 24 24           3    

NAM 203

            4x 12W RMS      2    

NAM 602


1     1   4x 12W RMS     2    

NAM 603

1 1     1   4x 12W RMS     2    


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