digital PA - System Concept

Public Address at its best

Using state of the art technology the digital PA concept has been designed as a scalable, modular, highly available system utilising an open architecture. The system includes a simple user interface with the ability to centrally manage all areas of the system.


orange bullet small Leading-edge technology

orange bullet small Safe investment thanks to networking

orange bullet small Exceptional Speech Intelligibility

orange bullet small Weatherproof IP66 Network Amplifier Modules

orange bullet small Minimal hardware required onsite

orange bullet small Fully monitored system all the way to the speaker driver

orange bullet small Full hardware DANTETM implementation

orange bullet small No dedicated PC required onsite

orange bullet small TCP/IP Network connection to Node / CNMS

orange bullet small Highest reliability

orange bullet small Cost efficient


- article STAGES 2014 “… The next train on platform 1 goes to Bondi Junction” Dante Network as a Loudspeaker Feed for Sydney‘s Railway Platforms, pdf 1.84 MB

Central Mangement & Nodes

Based around a centralised concept, only minimal equipment needs to be installed at each site.

This greatly reduces both hardware and maintenance costs throughout the network. A Wide Area Network connection is required between the nodes and each of the stations, this carries all audio, control and monitoring information.


digital PA - Digital Voice Announcements


orange bullet small Automated voice announcements with natural speech engine

orange bullet small Multi language support

orange bullet small Text to speech support

orange bullet small Web based control - no dedicated PC required

orange bullet small API for integration to tracking and scheduling systems


digital PA - Monitoring Software


orange bullet small Centrally manage entire system from a webpage

orange bullet small Centralised echo cancelling Ambient Noise Control (ANC)

orange bullet small Centralised audio prioritisation

orange bullet small Monitoring, configuration backup and restore for entire system


digital PA - Components


MF 4
Modular, central communication unit for up to 256 audioports.
Fully summing audio matrix, DANTETM enabled.
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Medium size, central communication unit.
Fully summing audio matrix, DANTETM enabled. 

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CS 0800ST

Small size, central communication unit.
Fully summing audio matrix, DANTETM enabled. 

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Desk 16L
Desktop paging panel with gooseneck microphone and 16 pushbuttons, integrated speaker. 

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Talk 12X
19"/1RU paging panel with gooseneck microphone, 12 pushbuttons and volume controller for each button. 

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Network Audio Module for DANTETM audio networks with 4 built in speaker amplifiers.
Including microphone preamplifier for ANS Microphone. 

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   DIO 1500 neu frei


DANTETM audio format converter with analog and digital audio inputs/outputs, POE enabled.
Including microphone preamplifier for ANS Microphone.



Cardioid Pattern Directional Loudspeaker perfectly optimised for time aligned public address installations.


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