Delec Builds One of the World’s Largest Intercom Systems

London, Great Britain, August 2015: Over the past ten years, the BBC in London has completely redeveloped Broadcasting House, bringing together its Radio and TV News, Domestic Radio, World and Online services into one headquarters. The 1930s art-deco building in Portland Place W1 is now an amazing centre dedicated to broadcasting to audiences across the UK and the world.

Delec has worked with the BBC on both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of this redevelopment. This has resulted in one of the largest intercom systems in the world, with room to expand to cover greater needs in the future. During Phase 2, the system was increased from 2552 to 4992 bi-directional ports. As a consequence, the expanded system incorporates a 3072 x 3072 central router cluster that can accommodate further expansion to 4096 x 4096 ports if required.

The backbone of the entire system is Delec’s R4000 routers; there are eight routers in total in the system. The system requires four routers to create 4096 x 4096 ports and another four to have redundancy built in. The project also involved an enormous 47 frames and 486 panels.

The routers connect to a number of intercom frames via standard Ethernet links, which also allow the seamless connection of remote sites to the Broadcasting House intercom, with access to the full facilities and quality of the host system. One of the frames is even at the other end of the city, remote connected by a managed Layer 2 Ethernet connection.

The Broadcasting House redevelopment happened in stages, so Delec intercom’s unique ability to operate separate areas autonomously, was essential to ensure each area could be installed, tested and connected to the routers without disturbing the operation of any other part of the system. Creating these operational islands allows each area’s talkback and intercom to be managed locally and efficiently uses the valuable central router capacity.

Concurrently, Delec, a member of the Salzbrenner Stagetec Mediagroup, also worked with the BBC on the intercom system for BBC Manchester. This project, with 6 routers and 15 frames, is only slightly smaller than the BBC London intercom system.




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