DELEC: A Future-Proof Partner

Ljubljana, Slovenia, October 2014: It’s official: Fi Production is DELEC’s first Slovenian customer. The independent production house has decided to equip one of its OB trucks with a DELEC intercom system. Fi Production’s decision was no accident: the company was looking for a scalable and future-proof communication solution – and that is precisely where DELEC excels.

The OB truck’s control room will be fitted with an MF4 matrix frame as the heart of its intercom system. Although the client could equally well have ordered the more compact CS 1624 from the oratis compact series, which provides enough connectivity for the subscriber panels the client intends to use initially, there are plans to expand the system at a later stage and so the MF4 is a more sensible choice. This system offers ample expansion capabilities since the DELEC MF4 is a modular matrix. During the second stage, the intercom system will be expanded with six additional subscriber panels, a commentator terminal and an RIF2 wireless interface. Moreover, there are plans to add a Dante card at some point in the future for  transmission of audio signals over IP.

Izidor Farit, the managing director of Fi Production said the following about the DELEC technology: “With DELEC, we found a company whose systems are both innovative and up to today’s challenges. The decisive factor, however, was the system’s audio quality, which is clearly in a league of its own.” With a view to competing on an international scale, the Slovenian production house consistently invests in top-notch technology. Small wonder, then, that the OB truck’s control room also boasts a STAGETEC digital console…





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