TMT 2014: World premier for DELEC DANTE™-compatible subscriber panels

2014 11 DELEC TALK DanteCologne, November 2014: DELEC will present its first subscriber panels equipped with a Dante interface at this year’s Tonmeistertagung convention in Cologne, Germany. The first subscriber panels that can be connected directly to a Dante network without the need for an additional convertor. These units can be hooked up to a DELEC CS1624 intercom unit equipped with a Dante interface. There will be three subscriber panel variants: two 19" rack units, with 12, or 16 keys, and one 16-key desk top panel.

These new subscriber panel models allow operators to target specific addresses or – using DELEC NAMs – announcement speakers. All three models come with Dante Primary and Secondary ports for fully redundant operation. In a different scenario, these two ports can be used to daisy-chain several subscriber panels, reducing cabling requirements dramatically. As a result, these new subscriber panels are not only perfect for broadcast and theatre environments but also for any application which requires long cable runs.


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