Well equipped for World Cup coverage with the MEDIAGROUP

June 2014, Brazil: The ball is rolling and the whole world is watching. Who will become 2014 FIFA World Cup Champion in Brazil, a country that reveres football with an almost religious fervour? Every game, every interview will of course be transmitted to football fans around the world. A technical challenge, for which many broadcasters worldwide have geared up with MEDIAGROUP equipment.

The installations in the World Cup host country include an outside broadcast van that will be working for the broadcast station EPTV in São Paulo during the matches at Arena Corinthians. Five more matches will be played there after the opening game. Vehicle equipment includes a CRESCENDO and a NEXUS audio network of portable Base Devices installed right on the pitch sidelines and in the commentary box. The outside broadcast vehicle also features a DELEC intercom system from the oratis compact product line, which is connected to NEXUS via Dante.

Brazilian TV station SBT in São Paulo is also equipped with MEDIAGROUP products. Summer 2013 saw a large-scale DELEC intercom system and STAGETEC audio technology installed at the facility, giving it a head start for covering the 2014 World Cup.

Swiss outside broadcast service provider and longstanding STAGETEC customer tpc (technology and production center zurich) is using two CRESCENDOs, each with a NEXUS Base Device, for its productions. One of the consoles will be on location in Brazil, the other will be used in Zurich to produce the World Cup supporting programme. Nothing can get in the way of a successful World Cup now!


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