New stage management technology for the Markgrafentheater in Erlangen

May 2014, Erlangen: The Markgrafentheater in Erlangen has acquired a stage management system from the SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP as part of an equipment upgrade. The new technology coordinates the entire performance in theatre productions and also acts as the in-house communication hub.

The PerformanCeTRL controller from the MEDIAGROUP Audio Video Mediensysteme division and a DELEC CS 1624 intercom matrix from the oratis compact range form the heart of this stage management system. Both systems are linked via an Ethernet connection and work seamlessly in tandem. The compact CS 1624 intercom matrix is the communication centre of the new stage management system and also serves as a digital audio matrix. Among other things, PerformanCeTRL manages the sequence of logic operations that control call announcements and cue lights.

Seven DELEC subscriber panels are included in the overall system. Of these, six are distributed throughout the theatre and one is installed within the stage management desk.

Intercom system functions can be assigned to the subscriber panel buttons. This allows signalling to be controlled from each subscriber unit. Apart from the intercom and paging system, the stage manager at the Markgrafentheater can also use both fixed and mobile cue lights as a means of communication.

The entire installation was completed in just three months. It will be put into operation during the Bayerische Theatertage festival, which takes place from 16th to 31st May 2014.





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