prolight + sound: DELEC presents sleek intercom unit CS 0800

prolight + sound, March 2014, Frankfurt, Germany: DELEC, the intercom and commentary systems specialist in the SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP, introduces the CS 0800, another small variant of the oratis compact product family. oratis compact is a fully summing communication centre unveiled for the first time in September 2013.

2014 03 Delec CS 0800The newly introduced CS 0800 provides eight AES/EBU ports that can be used either as digital interfaces to the oratis subscriber units or as digital four-wire connections. When partnered with an optional Dante upgrade, the unit can also be used as an AES/EBU to Dante format converter.
The oratis compact hardware is remarkably condensed and fits into a 19" chassis just 1 U high; the newly introduced CS 0800 variant even fits into a unit just half a rack wide.

oratis compact is the new addition to the family, a small intercom unit, which is supplied with a fixed port configuration, thus complementing the highly modular and adaptable main oratis product line.

Overall the oratis compact product series now comprises three versions that differ in the number and type of ports fitted. The biggest configuration, CS 1624, has 16 AES/EBU ports and 24 analogue four-wire connections. The CS 1212 incarnation offers 12 AES/EBU ports and 12 analogue four-wire connections.

Thanks to the fixed number of ports per unit the configuration required to put an oratis compact into operation is comparatively straightforward. The few definitions required initially are set using the lite version of the IcconXP control software, which can be installed on any standard PC. The computer communicates with the system via Ethernet.

All models can also be supplemented with an optional Dante module, adding 64 audio-over-IP channels. Alternatively, all three variants can be connected to each other or to other oratis product family modules.

The versatile product has generated huge interest since it was launched in autumn 2013. Even the model introduced just now at Prolight + Sound will soon serve as a communication centre and Dante converter in loudspeaker networks in diverse installations in a variety of environments .
The small giant has already received widespread recognition and won the Best of IBC 2013 Award when it was presented for the very first time. It has already become clear that this new and compact technology will waste no time becoming firmly established internationally, both with existing customers and in entirely new markets.

Please visit SALZBRENNER STAGETEC MEDIAGROUP at the Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt in hall 8.0 at booth number K64.





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