oratis Intercom in Use at DMSB Racetracks

Mannheim, March 2014: For their racing events, the Deutscher Motorsport Bund (DMSB), a German motor-racing association, relies on DELEC systems. RACECOM, an expert business in motor-racing intercom, implemented oratis systems on behalf of the DMSB. Those systems are the cores of the intercom at the various racetracks.
At each course, the race-management booth houses two oratis matrix frames while another one is located in one of the two radio trucks. These units are interconnected by optical fibre and form the nodes of the DELEC overall system.

The organisers have a number of subscriber units at their disposal, including 19" subscriber units with 28 keys and desk subscriber units with 16 keys,  from the oratis product family. The race organisers use them, for example, to stop races or to deploy the safety car and yellow flags.

In major races up to 100 portable radio devices are in use, each with its own unique identifier. They enable group calls, conferences and targeted individual calls. Team leaders at the pits and posts around the circuit also use them to stay in touch with the organisers.

A novelty of this DELEC system is the possibility of integrating a smartphone or tablet PC into the communication circuit as a mobile oratis subscriber unit over 3G. This technology, offers the opportunity for users to participate in communications regardless of where they are. Once logged into the system, they can receive the race organiser's communications whatever their location.

The system was first used in the German Automobile Racing Series the ADAC GT Masters and RACECOM will be deploying it there again in the upcoming season.


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