P2F Converter: Small box, big performance

Eisenberg (Germany), October 2014: In order to connect remote subscriber panels to a wide-area intercom system easily, DELEC has developed a new optical-fibre converter for its oratis product family. The P2F Converter supports impressive cable runs between subscriber panels and the oratis matrix frame. This increases DELEC products flexibility and connectivity because distance has ceased to be an issue.

This small module converts AES3 data with sampling frequencies of up to 192 kHz transparently and bi-directionally into an optical signal. So-called SFP modules serve as inputs and outputs on the P2F Converter. These SFP modules can be selected by the customer depending on the preferred cable types and the distance that needs to be covered which can be up to 120 km.

The P2F Converter can be used with a separate 12 V power supply or powered via the subscriber panel expansion port. This port also enables expansion keypads, such as the oratis Key16, to be connected.

Users who have already worked with the converter have been very creative. While its original purpose was to bridge long distances between subscriber panels and an oratis matrix frame, it works equally well for extending the range of other systems.



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